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    • This is one of the best hearing aid clinics... All hearing tests can be done at one place... Helpful staffs and good hospitality...

      thumb Durba Saha
      June 3, 2022

      I visited Happy Ears for some tests for my 75 years old mom. We were very satisfied with the professional and friendly attitude of the staff.

      thumb swarnava chaudhuri
      December 3, 2022

      Excellent clinic, good reception from staff, awesome experience. Caring investigation support and follow up....

      thumb Jayanta K Biswas
      March 3, 2022
    • I found excellent expert from the Happy ears and very caring to understand my problem and try to solve them with patience. Prof S B Roy Chairman IBRAD

      thumb Professor Shree Bhagwan Roy
      August 3, 2022

      I visited the Clinic for my Father's Hearing Aid, Got it at Best Rate compare to others.

      thumb Rajesh Patnaik
      March 3, 2022

      I have purchased a pair of Rechargeble hearing aids at a Good price. Service is excellent.

      thumb Madhusudan Banik
      February 24, 2023
    • I have done my Vestibular tests-ENG, Vemp, Ecochg from this Clinic. Good Environment & decent behaviour.

      thumb Abhijeet Das
      February 24, 2023

      A decent clinic for Digital hearing .Good reception from stuffs .

      thumb Protima Chakraborty
      June 3, 2022

      I contacted this Centre for Vestibular therapy for my father. My father is recovering now. Very Good Therapist.

      thumb Shouhardya Goswami
      June 3, 2022
    • It was a good experience to connect with happy ears , they are good by their behaviour , care and service .

      thumb rituparna gupta
      December 3, 2022

      Supportive and friendly

      thumb Shayan Chakraborty
      June 3, 2022

      I purchased a pair of Hearing Aids from this Centre , got Best rate compare to other shops I enquired.

      thumb Souvik Chakraborty
      June 3, 2022
    • Overall it is a good experience

      thumb Priyannita Chakraborty
      January 3, 2023

      I have done Vestibular tests from this Clinic for my mother. Satisfied with the behaviour of staff & very Clean.

      thumb Debrup Dey
      March 2, 2023

      Best hearing diagnostic ND hearing aid center in tollygunj

      thumb Rahul Kumar
      February 3, 2023
    • Very good doctor. I will strongly recommend you to visit if you have hearing problem.

      thumb Jitendra Singh
      September 3, 2022

      My experience with Happy ears was great.

      thumb Madhusree Banerjee
      October 3, 2022

      Great experience, affordable price

      thumb Disha Mallik
      June 3, 2022
    • After a long seach I ended up buying a pair of Rechargeable Hearing Aids from this Centre. I got Best price comparison to other place.

      thumb Beauty & More By Manisha
      June 3, 2022

      Best hearing clinic for hearing aid.

      thumb Uday Kumar
      March 3, 2022

      The experience was pretty good and most importantly it was more helpful because after coming from the place were I was unaware of the hearing aids they completely helped Us from the base which made us mor comfortable and more confident

      thumb Kasturi Bera
      October 3, 2022
    • Best hearing experience. Very satisfactory.

      June 3, 2022

      Good behaviour of the staffs.affordable price

      thumb Nandini Basu
      June 3, 2022

      HaPpY Ears and Mr. Arnab Bakshi, is one of the best experience me and my family had in audiology treatment and support. Mr. Arnab Bakshi, has given his ample time and was best to make understand about the Hearing Aid product to my father un such an easy way, that was unbelievable. He invested his time, until the patient is fully equipped with the device, its usage, upkeep and proper maintained and mostly support. A MUST RECOMENDED 1ST AND LAST STOP FOR HEARING AID SUPPORT AND SERVICES

      thumb Barundeep Ghosh
      July 3, 2022
    • The Team is very helpful and informative. Really appreciate their efforts. Keep going and do the best to help others.

      thumb rudra narayan paul
      March 3, 2022

      Good experience

      thumb ANKITA BASAK
      November 3, 2022

      I visited this place for ENG & other Tests. It was all total 5Tests, charges are affordable, Good staff behavior, comfortable clinic environment.

      thumb Megatone Productions
      June 3, 2022
    • I Tested ENG & VEMP for my Mother from this Clinic. Excellent Hospitality & nice staffs Behaviour.

      thumb Soudeep Chakraborty
      June 3, 2022

      Very good support and service. They have demonstrated in our home with 2-3 model and we have selected the best model from it.

      thumb Chandan Pramanik
      October 3, 2022

      I contacted this clinic for my mother's hearing Aid repair. Good service.

      thumb Anjali Bardhan
      June 3, 2022

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    Find the best quality hearing aids today with Happy Ears!

    When you experience a problem with hearing, you miss out on a number of beautiful things in life. So, you must find a solution to this problem as soon as possible. Find out the hearing aid price in Kolkata and get to experience the sounds around you in the best technologies available right there in your city. But what would be the benefits of purchasing the best hearing aids in Kolkata from Happy Ears? Check out for yourself.

    Hearing impairment is a very debilitating problem that may affect daily life functioning. Because of this reason, companies around the world came up with smart solutions to hearing impairments.

    From manually fixing hearing aids on the pinna of the ear to the fantastic all-inclusive approach towards smart and efficient technology, we at Happy Ears have them all! Approach us and make your ear happy.

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    First signs of hearing loss

    • You complain that others are mumbling
    • You feel left out of conversations
    • You do not hear the doorbell or telephone
    • You have difficulty hearing children's voices

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