Best Hearing Aid Clinic in Kolkata

Cure Listening Issues by Choosing the Best Hearing Aid Clinic in Kolkata

Listening issues are daunting and can also lead to permanent deafness. Being reluctant to hear faults can have a dangerous impact on your life and can even make the scene worse. There are numerous serious health issues that are linked to hearing problems like spinning sensation, tinnitus, depression, etc. Hence it becomes important to treat hearing problems at the best hearing aid clinic in Kolkata.

Thus to choose the best clinic to treat your hearing issues and also the best hearing aid, this blog will be an eye-opener for you. To know more, continue reading further.

Things to consider while picking the best hearing aid clinic in Kolkata

There are numerous audiologists in Kolkata but are they all perfect to treat your hearing issues? Well to distinguish the best from the rest, follow these points,

Medical team

Before making an appointment it is crucial to check the quality of audiologists, the clinic comprises. As it is one of the most crucial parts of every other hearing aid clinic, checking the audiologists of the clinic is crucial. Make sure you check the portfolio of the audiologists first. By going through the portfolio, you can get to know about the education qualification, their experience in this profile, etc.

Going through this information will allow you to get treated by the best audiologist in Kolkata. Missing out on checking the medical team of the clinic can cost your listening ability.


Checking the experience is another crucial point before getting your hearing issues treated. As experience plays a major role in every other sector, therefore checking the experience of the clinic in providing positive results to the clients is an important factor. There are numerous hearing aid clinics all over Kolkata, and while choosing the best out of them, it becomes vital that you look for experienced medical assistance rather than investing in some of the newbies in the industry.


Listening skill is one of the most important that a hearing clinic should have. People with hearing problems face issues while communicating with others and thus it becomes crucial that you choose a clinic that is responsive and focuses on listening to your issue and then respond accordingly.

Aftercare they offer

Do not think that the cure to the listening issue is only limited till you receive treatment from the hearing aid clinic. The best hearing aid clinic in Kolkata works on offering top-notch aftercare to patients to ensure that there are no after-treatment issues. Not every hearing aid clinic focuses on offering aftercare and takes responsibility only when they serve their treatment.


It is the main thing that you should consider when choosing a hearing aid clinic in Kolkata. A professional approach toward the patients becomes important to offer top-notch treatment to their clients. Moreover, it is through professionalism that you can trust a hearing aid clinic on the quality of their treatment.

Cost of treatment

The best hearing aid clinic in Kolkata will offer its treatments at a competitive price. Avoid Choosing a clinic that offers treatment at a high cost as the best cure providers serve at a competitive price to ensure they can retain their patients through top-notch care and affordable prices.

Moreover, falling for the cheapest hearing aid clinic may end up in vain. There are some hearing aid cure that serves their treatment at an exceptionally low cost and avoiding them is the best as a compromise on the cost will deteriorate the quality of treatment.

Types of hearing aid from the best hearing aid clinic in Kolkata

There are multiple hearing aids available all over Kolkata and on the internet. But choosing any one of them won’t reduce your issues and can also cause serious issues. Therefore, while choosing a hearing aid make sure you follow these points,

Working with the aid

To pick the best hearing aid, make sure that you go through the working of the hearing aid. Unlike traditional hearing aids, modern-day tools are upgraded and work with different mechanisms. Therefore, before choosing a hearing aid, it is crucial that you go through its working mechanism and then pick one that you feel matches your requirements.

In canal/ mini CIC

There are two types of hearing aids available, therefore it becomes crucial that you pick the one that matches your criteria.

a. Completely in canal (CIC)

  1. CIC hearing aids are one of the smallest and are hardly visible.
  2. It picks up less wind noise
  3. Uses small cells that have a shorter lifespan
  4. Does not include any added features
  5. Earwax can cause a problem for it

B. In the canal

  1. It is less visible as compared to larger hearing aids
  2. It has features that do not fit completely in the canal and can be difficult to adjust because of its small size.
  3. It is prone to blocking the speaker due to earwax.

C. In the Ear

  1. It includes features that do not fit smaller hearing aids
  2. It is easy to handle
  3. Implements a large battery that has a long life
  4. Is prone to picking up wind sound
  5. Is visible in the ear as compared to smaller devices

D. Behind the ear

  1. It is the largest type of hearing aid
  2. Contains multidirectional speakers
  3. Can amplify more than other hearing aids
  4. Has rechargeable battery

E. receiver in the canal

  1. It is less visible when compared to other hearing aids
  2. Has multi-directional hearing aids
  3. Manual managing options
  4. Cab be availed in rechargeable battery
  5. Can clog the speaker with ear wax

G. Open Fit

  1. It is visible
  2. It is unlike in-ear hearing aids, thus making your sound clear
  3. It is difficult to insert in the ear due to its dome shape.

To get rid of hearing issues and ear pain it becomes crucial that you pick the best hearing aid clinic in Kolkata and also a hearing aid that fits you the most and offers top-notch comfort along with proper hearing ability. By following the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can easily get the best cure for your hearing issues.


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